Lighting Trends of 2023

Statement Light Fixtures: The raindrop crystal pendant light from our store is a great example of unique style and personality. This new ceiling pendant light, which is currently only available in our store, has a shape that makes it easy to stand out wherever it adorns a room.

Nods to Nostalgia:
The Modern Spider Linear Chandelier is a nice tribute to the old world and old times. Its spider shape is inspired by the mid-century and blended with modern elements to showcase cultural heritage and innovation.

Traditional Glass: Solid colored glass is always the most classic element of minimalism, and our glass collection is a great example of the purity of the fixture's appearance and the excellent penetration of the light.

Sustainable Choices: Sustainable lighting options such as LEDs and low voltage are fast catching up, and at luminige all our lamp types are led.

All Things Gold: Gold goes with any décor and gold-toned lamps are becoming more and more popular, so we've launched the bubble collection in our stores to cater to this trend. When the lamps in this collection are lit, the golden glow adds a touch of luxury to your home décor.

Lighting for Aging Eyes: Aging also makes everyone more sensitive to glare. As we age, brighter, more consistent lighting becomes increasingly important. Our store fixtures are held to high standards for lumens, wattage and color rendering index to meet the lighting needs of our customers.